Mulamwah Issues These 5-Strong Demands to Carol Sonnie

Kenyan digital creator and funnyman popularly known as Mulamwah has issued a legal notice to his baby mama Caroline Muthoni, amidst their feuds regarding their only daughter, Keilah Oyando.

The renowned comedian, in the notice served through MNO Advocates, has outlined his five strong demands with the key tagline being alleged that Mrs. Caroline has been not only the opposition but an unwavering obstacle for Mulamwah to establish a relationship with their daughter.

Based on that notice, which has come amidst a time when the relationship between Mulamwah and Caroline has heated online waves, Mulamwah has been denied the opportunity by his ex-fiance to happily enjoy acting fatherly to their little bundle of joy Keilah

The notice has further defined Caroline’s act as ‘infringing on the minor’s right’ to access fatherly love and responsibility.

In regards, Mulamwah has made the following demands insisting that Caroline has to meet all of the demands:

1. Caroline and Mulamwah should never have any discussion regarding themselves except if it solely concerns the welfare of their daughter, Keilah

2. With immediate effect, Caroline has no option except to cease conducting defamatory interviews and making posts about Mulamwah

3. Caroline to hand over Keilah’s birth certificate so that Mulamwah can obtain a travel passport, alongside arranging for medical coverage for Keilah

4. Mulamwah is to be granted access to Keilah for at least two consecutive days every weekend, from Friday 5 pm to Sunday 7 pm.

5. Mulamwah has the right to take Keilah to his rural home to meet his family for seven consecutive days.

The notice, was shared by Mulamwah himself via his Instagram story, with a caption that read, “Leo ni kick off-if you have time you can read. Don’t be quick to point fingers.”


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