Bensoul Receives Backlash Over Controversial Remarks On Weed

Musician Bensoul has received a lot of backlash from fellow celebrities and online community after his controversial remarks on Marijuana.

In his recent sentiments, the artist encouraged youths to uptake bhang (weed) as it doesn’t make people ran mad but rather a mixture of drugs does. During the interview, Bensoul explained that he has never witnessed someone who have ever gone crazy over weed usage. He went ahead and explained the medicinal uses of the illegal drug.

“I’ve never seen anybody go crazy because of weed, and it’s never been recorded anywhere. most of the guys wenye wanachizingi it’s because of other drugs wanashikaniza nazo and weed is the first drug they blame it on,” Bensoul explained.

In addition, Bensoul blamed politicians for announcing the drug as illegal therefore making black people to believe that it’s not helpful. He praised countries like Canada which have legalized the drug since they know its economic impact. According to him, weed helps in economic growth.

Several celebrities and netizens have greatly rebuked the artist’s statement. Melina Gold asked Bensoul to stop misleading the youths by encouraging them to take illegal drugs. The sentiments have been termed as misleading and unacceptable as the millennials are encouraged to say no to drugs unless on prescription.


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