KRG The Don’s Business Closed Indefinitely By NEMA

Renowned dancehall artist and businessman KRG The Don has been forced to temporary close his night club, Casavera Lounge, after the neighborhood reported the club for noise pollution. National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) ordered the business closure until it adheres to the noise pollution regulations. This marks the third popular Nairobi club to be closed after 1824 and Whiskey River.

The singer announced the closure during an interview as he explained the whole incident. KRG noted that it was suitable to close the night club at the time as he renovates the premises. He indicated that the club will be soundproofed to ensure there are no more noise pollution.

“NEMA has identified us as a source of noise pollution, and we are committed to rectifying the situation. We will be implementing soundproofing measures to mitigate noise levels and ensure compliance with government regulations,” KRG said.

Promising to follow the regulations, the rapper sympathized with his employees and customers for the inconveniences caused by the sudden closure of the business. However, he promised to make sure that the club’s activities resumes by April. In addition to renovation, the singer promised to improve the security measures in the premises.


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