Bahati’s Son Morgan Leaves Boarding School Days After Admission, Reveals He’s Homesick

A few days after singer Kevin Bahati’s son Morgan Bahati got admitted to a boarding school for studies, the teenager’s family confirmed that their cute son came back home due to homesickness.

As his mother, YouTuber Diana Marua was revealing much more regarding her son’s situation, she affirmed that Morgan’s luxurious life is what went to haunt him in school.

A photo of Bahati and son Morgan.

Homesick, homesick. He was saying things were different: he had a stomach upset, he was puking, and I can’t retain anything. It reached a point where he said he was having a panic attack.” She revealed.

She said Morgan has never been in an environment that predisposed him to exact life in a boarding school, including waking up early. She said Morgan was used to waking up as late as 10 am.

Diana Maria and her son Morgan Bahati Posing For A Picture together. PHOTO|COURTESY

Regarding his diet plan at home, Diana said her son Morgan was used to making himself sausages, bacon, noodles, and juice; which is likely a complete diet plan in the boarding school.

She said,

“He would then go to the fridge to take anything he wanted, but now, at school, he woke up at 4am.

She however added that, “he was taken to hospital, and he is still here in the house,” where they making endless efforts to keep tracking his situation and then take him back to school


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