Pritty Vishy Left Wagging Tongue in a Q&A Session with Fans

21-years old digital creator Pritty Vishy engaged fans in a question and answer session lately on her Instagram page.

During the session, the Kenyan socialite Pritty Vishy, trashed the idea of being the lord of second chance, ruling out the opinion of getting back with her ex-fiance Stivo Simple Boy.

The multi-talented and industrious Vishy, said that her life is racing forward and she is deficient of wasting an opportunity, trying to look back to where she had come from.

Therefore, ruling out the possibility of breaking an arm’s length to find herself in the ‘box’ of Simple Boy again.

She clearly stated that she has already figured out a new love, and what hinders the guy from being brought to limelight is nothing but time.

When asked by one fan why she still talks about Stivo yet she has grown too prettier to be with the ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker. Vishenwa took the challenge on an excuse that she tries to help the singer accomplish his dreams.

The fan wrote, “mbona hutaki kuacha Stivo. Ama bado unaona mnarhyme? Umekuwa mrembo cheza ligi yako.”

“I’m just trying to help him just the way I did from the first day I met him. And soon I will introduce the person that is currently driving me crazy,” she said.

Stivo on the other hand, has kept the dialogue going despite being silent oftentimes. Recently, on a failed performance that was scheduled to take place in Mombasa, Simple Boy later addressed the leaked video of his ex-girlfriend Vishy.

A clip that saw the young entrepreneur share a tongue and saliva with a fellow girl. Simple Boy called upon his ex-lover to cool her temperatures down and wait for a man to love her, warning her to stay away from acting more drama.

“I saw the video. I never thought I would see her do such. She should relax and wait for a man to love her. Stop the drama,” he said.

This dialogue has kept going and it speaks louder even in silence. Shall we wait to hear the next episode?


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