Man Killed After He Was Caught Creeping into Neighbour’s Wife at Odd Hours

42-years old man who had ongoing affair with a neighbour’s wife caught on the fortieth day of a thief, took the last breathe after he was crushed by the woman’s husband who faced him head on after he knocked the women’s door at today’s dawn.

The village casanova crept into the compound of his neighbor few minutes past 3am, feeling ready to reap where he didn’t sow as it has been the norm. He then began calling in a low tune the name of the man’s wife, pleading with her to wake up and open the door so he may enter.

The intruder quickly seemed to had ran out of patience and continued to immensely knock, thinking the woman was deeply asleep and would wake up upon hearing intensive knocking.

This time, fortune didn’t strike on his door. It was his last day to rest peacefully on the bait.

The man of the house, said to have been working far away from home, got back his consciousness from a deep sleep only to confirm that he wasn’t dreaming but in reality, had a strange visitor knocking at the door. He digested the words in absolute shock never to believe what his ears could let in him.

It was until then that he flew, like a hungry cheetah on an antelope, from his bed towards the door in furry, breathing fire and brimstones and looking ready to battle the intruder.

The beatings led to screams that set the entire village into a blaze. Everyone had to leave their warm beds untidy to run into the commotion and give their eyes a drama to watch.

Were it not for the quick response by the village sub-chief and the nyumba kumi elders, only one more beating would have sent the thief express to Heaven.

However, he later succumbed to wounds inflicted on him by the furious fighter at Kapkatet hospital.

The authority is expected to give necessary charges having arrested the man of the house at the scene. He is currently being held at a nearby Abossi Police station


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