KRG The Don To Charge Fans A Whooping Ksh. 250,000 For A Follow Back On Instagram

Kenyan dancehall Artist and internet sensation KRG the Don has revealed that he will be charging Ksh 250,000 to follow back his fans on Instagram.

Well,as ridiculous and exergerated it might look,it is what it is!

Sharing on social media, the artist said he does not follow random people or those who got no money!

“I don’t follow random peeps kama I don’t know you personally or hauna kakitu.But ukifika bei ya $2000 /Ksh 250,000 I will dearly follow back.”

According to KRG ,he is coming out clear about the matter after a fan seated next to him asked for a follow back simply because they were having fun together,something that made no sense to him at all.

“My manager asked him yeye ni mtoto wa Nani he said ni fan wa KRG, Bughaa ako na allergy ya utiaji na umaskini.”he added.

The revelation has however not pleased many including musician Dufla Diligon who feel that KRG is exploiting the love his fans have for him.


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