Sonko Urges Slay-queens to Get Children with Cheating Rich Men

Former governor of Nairobi Mike Mbuvi Sonko, the successor of Evans Kidero, has tickled Kenyans by the kind of piece of advice he gave to side chics urging them to trap cheating rich men by getting children with them.

This comes a day after High Court declared that ‘Come We Stay’ Marriage is legal. Sonko appreciated this ruling with an oceanic joy.

“Good news to slay-queens and side chicks as the high court has today declared that come we stay relationship is as good as marriage.” Sonko wrote via his official Twitter account.

According to Mike Sonko, this will expose wealthy cheating men who take advantage of their marital positions, cohabit lazily and simply walk away with it; siring children outside here to who they take no responsibility and neither do they involve them in the distribution of their wealth.

Therefore, this move will enable the side chics and slay-queens to get atleast a slice of the loaf of these men’s wealth.

In what also seemed to be a machete piece of advice that cuts all edges, the popular City politician went ahead to issue stunning warning to men, telling them to by all means avoid extra-marital affairs with side chics and slay queens.

Sonko has always been known by making simple and straight forward comments regarding social issues in the country, if not just commenting on this matter.

Are you in for this advice.


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