Diamond’s Response raises Eyebrows, Asked if He is the Biological Dad of Hamisa Mobetto’s son

The claim that Tanzanian Bongo super star Diamond Platnumz is not the biological father of Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan, has recently clouded the internet.

Earlier this month of December, Hamisa Mobetto took against critics who have actively been involved in the discussions of his son’s name around the tables, saying they should stop digging deeply into knowing her son’s real father.

She added that it is the mother who really knows the actual father of the child.

Speaking on 30th December during an exclusive interview with Wasafi TV, the award winning artist Diamond responded in a manner that raised eye brows, repeating the lines of response that Hamisa gave out weeks ago.

However, the ‘Lala Salama’ hitmaker made crystal clear that he won’t judge the innocent cute son of Hamisa but emphasized that lack of the child’s identity deprive very many children of their rights.

“Sitaki kumuhukumu mtoto Kwasababu ni Malaika . Na muda mwengine Vitu kama hivi vinaweza kumkosesha Mtoto Haki zake za Msingi,” he told Wasafi TV.

Further, Diamond clarified that such speculations are no longer news to his ears, because he hearing them long ago during the ancient times. It was until then that he repeated Hamisa’s phrase that it’s the mother who can tell the actual father of the child.

He added, “hizi Habari nimeanza kuzisikia Kitambo Sana Lakini Siku zote Mama ndie anaejua Baba wa Mtoto.”

Fans especially those that spread the speculation, say that Diamond must be on a mission to repeat similar history of himself when his own mother Sandra Dangote also told him many years later who his real biological dad was.


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