Reverend Lucy Natasha Criticized After Publicizing a Video Kissing Husband

Reverend Lucy Natasha and her Indian husband Prophet Stanley Carmel have just sparkled social media, following a video that the reverend shared on her Instagram story.

In the video, the two cute lovebirds are seen playing with toy guns as they jam to a secular music done by popular Kenyan artist Kevin Bahati.

The couple unveiled the rhythm of their hearts to the public dancing to the tune of Bahati’s song dubbed ‘abebo.’

Thereafter, the duo went ahead to share a merry kiss on camera, something that has left majority of their followers wagging their tongues. It was the verse of love and in deed they read the lines nicely.

Much as it is always expected that love is a private affair between two who have agreed to tie a knot, their actions have been criticized so hard as majority are asking that they should lead by example as teachers of the word of God, and that they shouldn’t make their affairs that public.

Reverend Lucy Natasha and her husband Prophet Stanley Carmel just exchanged vows at the altar a few months ago this year and are looking freshly in love.

Other than serving couple goals since then, they happily serve each other as evidently displayed in the most recent scenario, and they are a couple that majority of their followers in this generation look up to.


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