Khalwale Promises A Just And Fair Trial For Mwangaza

The Special Committee looking into Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s impeachment has promised the trial’s participants that it will hold a fair and reasonable hearing. The outcome of the process would be governed by the law, committee chair Senator Boni Khalwale stated at the start of the hearing on Tuesday.

“One of the Senate’s most crucial duties is to remove a governor from office. We understand how serious this situation is “The parties were informed by Khalwale in his opening remarks.

“We respect each party’s right to an opportunity to be heard. We will follow the law and the testimony of witnesses “Added he.

Khalwale warned the parties in the case to stop talking about the issue while the committee was still deliberating it.

The hearings will go for two days before the committee withdraws to write its decision based on the presented evidence.

On December 14, 67 of the 69 MCAs present in the Meru County Assembly impeached Kawira.

Five separate complaints totaling gross misconduct and misuse of authority were leveled against the first-term county executive by the ward representatives. Kawira said on Tuesday that she is a victim of all the allegations made against her before the special committee.

On each of her 64 days in office, the MCAs charged her of breaking the constitution at least once.

They claimed Kawira broke the Constitution 62 times during that time.

Kawira was accused of 19 violations in the first charge, 30 violations in the second charge, four violations in the third charge, three violations in the fourth charge, and six gross violations in the fifth charge, according to attorney Muthomi Thiankolu speaking on behalf of the Meru County Assembly.

Kawira plans to challenge the impeachment and has one witness lined up. Prior to announcing its decision by December 30th, the 11-member committee will decide if the allegations against her warrant an impeachment.


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