NTV Journalist Zainab Ismail Forgets to pay Parking fees at CBD, laments on penalty Charges

NTV Journalist Zainab Ismail laments being charged ksh. 6800 instead of the usual ksh 200, for parking in the Nairobi Central Business District popularly known as CBD.

While taking into her Twitter account, the Nation Media Group news presenter, termed the action a clear daylight fraud by the concerned body as this was too much on her.

Zainab further asked the City Governor Johnson Sakaja to urgently address the matter. According to Zainab, the complaint does not only come from her but several people have also presented similar case of excessive billing.

“So I just realised Nairobi City County charged me KSh 6,800 instead of KSh 200 for parking in the CBD. This is clearly fraud! And on a day that is literally difficult to make a complaint. Sakaja Johnson, this needs to be addressed because I am not the first to complain about this,” she lamented.

Funny part of the tale comes on the kind of response that comes from Nairobi county boss Johnson Sakaja, who takes time explaining to Zainab how that billing summed up.

Hon Sakaja alleged the excess charges on Zainab’s failure to pay parking fees for three days. According to Sakaja, this resulted to a penalty adding of ksh 6600.

In his explanation, Governor Sakaja stated that NTV Journalist Zainab did not pay for parking on December 19, December 21 and on December 23. I wonder how forgetful she could be not to pay after service. Is it possible to eat bare-handed in a restaurant and forget to wash your hands?

“You failed to pay on 19, 21, and 23. So today the accumulated penalties were applied to the bill as detailed below: 19/12/2022 KSh 2,200, 21/12/2022 KSh 2,200, 23/12/2022 KSh 2,200. Today KSh 200. Total KSh 6,800,” Sakaja explained.

Doesn’t it sound funny for someone to forget paying after receiving kind servicing? How could you forget about that madam Zainab?


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