Nema Cautions Counties Against Using Forest Lands Arbitrarily

On Sunday, the national environmental agency, Nema, issued a warning to counties about utilizing forest lands for construction. In order to complete projects, a number of devolved units have already encroached on designated forests and water catchment regions, according to Board Director Sam Nyangeso.

However, the previous mayor of Kisii cautioned that continued encroachment on such public utility sites has already started to harm the ecosystems.

He discussed the pressing necessity for the devolved entities to establish a balance between human activity and nature in order to lessen the effects on the climate.

We are jeopardizing the ecosystem if we encroach on every forest and public area because of development, the former mayor of Kisii stated. “Let them buy land, not arbitrarily fencing off forest grounds and starting setting up concrete jungles in the form of development.”

On Sunday, Nyangeso gave a speech while visiting the Keumbu Holiness and Emborogo children’s orphanages in Nyaribari Chache and Nyaribari Masaba, respectively. He also gave food donations to the underprivileged during his visit. More than 60 orphans received Christmas assistance at Emborogo.

Evans Nyamari, the director of the home, thanked Nyangeso for the gift and invited more well-wishers to contribute and assist the orphanage in updating its facilities so that the residents would have proper housing. In particular, he mentioned adding extra water storage tanks. More than 1000 trees were planted during the visit with Nyangeso’s guidance and that of the locals and kids.

The Kisii forestry agency provided the trees as a gift. Emborogo used to be a designated forest, but encroachment and human activity have caused it to be depleted.

Some churches are already vying for a piece of the forested territory. Nyangeso stated on Sunday that due to progress, the nation cannot further harm the ecosystem. Development is necessary, but not at the expense of eradicating all remaining trees from the planet, according to Nyangeso.

Since then, forests like Nyangweta in Kisii have been divided up for various construction projects, including a sugar mill.

In the future, according to Nyangweso, devolved entities must acquire alternative land rather than intruding on wetlands.

Separately, he urged businesses to help those in need, especially around special occasions like Christmas.

“Let’s go outside, along with our leaders, and make time for those who don’t have enough from nature. The less fortunate will always be with us as long as we are on this planet, those who are inherently denied any chance to improve their economic situation due to circumstances or nature “said Nyangeso.

County Sports Executive Eric Ongeri joined the former mayor in Keumbu and presented blankets and money to the orphanage on behalf of Governor Simba Arati.


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