Karen Nyamu Expected to Appear Before UDA Disciplinary Committee Over Dubai Scuffle

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu is expected to appear before the UDA disciplinary committee today December 23, starting 9:30am. This shall happen at the party’s headquarters at Hustler Plaza in Nairobi.

This follows the summoning she received by her political party through the letter wrote by the part’s chairperson, Charles Njenga.

In the letter, the party acknowledged that their member committed an offense misconducted herself in the public, an incident that injured the party’s reputation as well as infringing the enacted policies of the party. As a consequence, pulling to the dust not only the dignity of the party, but also the public office she holds as a leader.

“In the said incident which is well captured on video that has been widely circulated in both mainstream and social media, your conduct and mannerism as exhibited in that incident has brought shame, disrepute and lowered the dignity of the party which nominated you to the office of Senator,” read in the letter.

The letter, further out into bold that Karen’s conduct is being brought to book in accordance with the constitution as she now holds a public office.

This comes after a dramatic episode of what love does best, which saw the city lawyer fight her ex husband’s wife Edday Nderitu in a night club at Dubai where Samidoh was to entertain his fans.

Karen however, later blamed alcohol over her misconduct even promising to quit drinking. Shamelessly, her ex-husband seems to be the only sugar in her tea as she vowed never to leave Samidoh but only the alcohol, this was earlier before sanity catcher up with her to officially declare that she has teared off Samidoh’s chapter of love in her life.


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