Diana Marua Pens Heartwarming Merry Birthday Message to Bahati

Well, if she doesn’t know your birthday, it’s not love. If she cannot surprise you on your birthday, it is not love. If she cannot wish you many more years to live and Many more anniversaries together, it is not love.

As Kenya’s superstar in the music industry, Kevin Bahati joins the 30-years class of men receiving sweet birthday messages from across the globe by his fans, his one and only wife Diana Marua was not left in abyss but remembered all the beautiful memories Bahati has given her. Finally, she had to show it in lines of reds, the color of love.

She wrote this line to her big baby on Instagram, “the greatest gift is to spend everyday with you and to see you at 30 full of life, happy and content gives me happiness and peace.”

And since people are currently under the cover of new year moonlight, content creator Diana Marua declared to her secret keeper Bahati how much she never tires and wears to step at the doors and corridors of Heaven, begging on her knees in prayer for God to exalt her dearest husband in the new chapter of his life.

Earlier, Bahati urged women to open their palatial most secret doors to their husbands saying it only takes more energy on the bed to have a happy marriage and so is his, in deed his is a happy marriage obstructed by nothing including their 3-years age difference in favor of Diana Marua. As told by the romantic red lines Diana wrote to him, they must be a happy couple.

Should he see this, I’m sure it will be the smell of cake in every part of the house, from the dinning room to the bedroom.

Anyway, happiest birthday to Bahati.


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