Boni Khalwale Defends Karen Nyamu after Dramatic Dubai Night, Says She’s Truly In Love

Days after dramatic clash of interest experienced in Dubai between Samidoh’s two lovely princesses, Kenya’s senate Majority whip and the Kakamega County senator Dr Boni Khalwale, has not seen anything wrong with his colleague senator Karen Nyamu, and instead slams Samidoh for being immature to handle two wives.

A night after the video clips of the confrontation virally circulated over social media, the nominated senator Karen Nyamu got belittled for overreacting on public, bearing in mind that she is iconic in the state leadership.

Senator Khalwale however supported Karen’s actions, saying Karen is madly in love and has an unconditional and pure love for a for Samidoh who is contrarily unable to control his two wives. Khalwale further belittled Samidoh calling him a boy with no idea of handling polygamy.

He appealed with the countrymen to cease attacking and throwing pricking thorns on her a woman madly in love.

“Am appealing to KOT (infrated as you are) to give Sen Karen Nyamu a break. Here is a young woman who loves her man but unfortunately the guy has no idea how to manage his wives.” He posted on his Twitter handle

As a result, he calls upon Samidoh to bend so low and possibly go down on his knees for forgiveness. He further wrote, “He ought to apologise for his ineptitude on matters family. He is to blame. Polygamy is not for boys”


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