Khadija Claims She Has no Clue that Diamond Dates Her Daughter Zuchu

Who else can believe Diamond and Zuchu are dating anonymously to singer Khadija Kopa who is Zuchu’s mother? The Tanzanian mother who is also a renowned Bongo flava musician recently told media that she has no verified facts about the duo dating, and that her daughter has never broke the news to her.

“Mimi sijui mahusiano yake. Mimi skikuziona, naskia kwa watu tu,” she said.

She said this when she was recently asked to address the viral video that that shows Diamond kissing Zuchu when the duo are at the gym doing a workout.

Not only has Zuchu been working their intimate moments behind the cameras for Khadija, but Diamond too has been owning a property he hasn’t paid a price for. On the matter, singer Khadija cleared the air saying she has no proof of a dowry from the millionaire “My Number one” hit maker hence dusting gossips of being recognized as a mother-in-law.

She said, “Siwezikumpelekea mtu moja kwa moja wakati hajaja kutoa posa kwangu wala hajajitambulisha kwangu kama yeye ni mkwe wangu.”

However, she also meant her daughter is a free lady to tie the knot of love with any man and bring him home. She doesn’t have any issue with that as long as her daughter Zuchu doesn’t engage into fornication.

“Ikitokea si vibaya, si yeye mwanamke, akija mwanamme anamuoa. Ni jambo ya heri, watu tunapenda harusi zaidi kuliko mambo mengine ya zinaa.”

Few days ago, Babu Tale wrote on social media asking for a precious gift from Diamond, insisting that the gift should be seeing Diamond going down on his knees for Zuchu to say Yes before the year ends. It’s a developing story that fans never exhaust to hear and we patiently wait to see how if Diamond is the man or a time waster


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