Outstanding Congolese Songbird Tshala Muana Dies

Sad news engulfed the entertainment world following the demise of a renowned Congolese singer Elisabeth Tshala Muana Muidikay, popularly known as Tshala Muana.

According to close sources, the singer has been battling health implications for a very long period of time. It was until she visited Kinshasha where she got diagnosed to be battling a respiratory related sickness that has finally succumbed her at 64 years of age.

The Karibu Yangu hitmaker made her last breathe today Saturday morning, December 10th in the city of Kinshasa. According to her closest ever in life, Claude Mashala who broke the news through the post he shared on social media, he wouldn’t say much but thank God especially for the good moments they’ve always celebrated together with Tshala Muana.

“The good Lord has decided to take over the national mamu Tshala Muana. May the good God be glorified for all the good times she has brought us to this earth. Goodbye Mamu from me,” Mashala wrote the sad condolence message without digging deeper into the rest of the information.


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