Three Celebrities Enjoying Single Life Despite Hitting 40 years of Age

Long are the days when marriage was regarded one of the greatest achievements ever in life. Who hasn’t sat with her grandma or grandpa cycling the fire place to listen to the old tales? I have made it a habit to give ears to my elders and one funny thing I have always been told, is the fact that you’d be less of a man if you’re a bachelor regardless of how much learned you are.

However, the tide has shifted, and most men have chosen to live as bachelors during this era. Funny enough, they never stop giving ladies sleepless nights.

Below are some three celebrities who are already eating up their 40 years of age but have never been called for a talk by the council of elders for marriage counseling.

Larry Madowo

If you are wondering who this gentleman is, he is a very renowned Journalist who received as many awards as the size of one full ferry. He worked for decades in Kenya’s mainstream media before he finally flew to America to work with CNN. In Larry, there’s a man who is every lady’s dream and every child’s dream father too.

The irony is that for him, there’s no lady that has matched his dream of a life partner. I even wonder if his hunting has began yet but seemingly, he has a testimony of a bachelor’s life.

Maina Kageni

This Is one of the the celebrated morning host of Classic FM. If there’s an example of a very proud Bachelor, don’t look beyond Main Kageni. He has everything it takes to give a lady a paradise life

He is another man that gives ladies sleepless nights and decides to leave his rib be taken somewhere should he fail to marry anytime soon despite hitting 46 already. For him, his reason for not marrying is tied to the hardship testimonials he receives or hears from people.

Patrick Njoroge

He is one of the biggest profile at the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). For him, it looks like the dream is not even there. It’s simply because he subscribed to the Catholic Church organization called Opus Dei, which restricts him from closing himself under a room with anyone’s lady.

For him, he looks being a bachelor voluntarily and that will forever remain his life here on earth. I wonder who might be sheltering the ribs of the above three prominent people. But anyway, it is what it is after all life gives several options to everyone.


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