Betty Bayo’s ex-husband Finally Willing to move on, Accepts Pst Ng’ang’a Advice

Six years ago, renowned pastor Victor Kanyari officially divorced with singer Betty Bayo. Since then Bayo boldly moved on and is currently in a serious relationship. However, her ex-husband Kanyari, with whom they sired two Children has remained stagnant despite an inward growing necessity to move on.

His situation has caught attention of fellows and everyone has given him different pieces of advice. When it’s was the turn of Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the man of God urged his fellow to cast his eyes on the market and do oversight.

“I was telling you, si bibi alienda? There is another one,” he told him when he attended Pastor Ng’ang’as mega Crusade at the Soweto Jacaranda grounds recently.

During the big crusade, the 70-year-old Pst Ng’ang’a has his ears to the crowd to realize that prophet Kanyari was in the midst, during the moments he was preaching a message themed on importance of honesty.

According to some news Organization in the country, Ng’ang’a was taken into a pool of little surprise to find out that heavyweight Kanyari was in attendance, before he granted him an honour to step onto the pulpit to greet the congregation.

“Kwani Kanyari uko hapa? Hii Crusade imekujwa. Prophet, come and say hey to me, na weight mzee, weight.” He said.

While in an interview with one of the media outlets in the country, pst Kanyari despite showing genuine interest to move on, said he is not in any hurry to date someone but willing to be hooked up with an interested ‘good’ woman.

“I am still very single. Sijapata mtu. I will be happy…” Kanyari said, “there are good women out here but I have not decided on which one yet,” he added.

Asked to describe the qualities he is looking for in a woman, Pastor Kanyari said he does not look at appearance but will ask God to guide him in selecting


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