Sauti Sol (Bien) Slams Eric Omondi For Habitual Clout-chasing stunts

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi demanded 20 VIP tickets from Sauti Sol band in the upcoming event, scheduled to take place December 17. However, he didn’t escape with this any step away. Bien, the band’s one of the biggest boys hit back on him warning him not to mess up with his business.

Eric Omondi, being a rib cracker, has been known over social media with usual critics on Kenya’s art industry. However, Bien has flapped Eric’s bite on Sauti Sol band, terming his stunts as very stupid clout-chasing tactics and meaningless.

Bien added that Eric Omondi ought to style up and stop himself from unending, habitual and unnecessary clout-chasing stunts.

Eric Omondi should learn to separate clout and business, he should not mess with my business with his stupid clout-chasing tactics you can’t come and spoil what we are building, and you are the one who is always criticizing the Kenyan art industry,” Bien said.

Interestingly, Eric Omondi’s attendance in the event is appreciated except that he will leave his hired dogs at home since the show planners already have security dogs at the venue.

Bien has also urged the comedian not to expect free tickets to be issued to him but to instead buy the tickets directly from the website.


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