“Don’t Let a Man Tell You What To Do” Pritty Vishy Urges Ladies

Purity Vishenwa, famously known as Pritty Vishy urges ladies not to dare change from who they are in an attempt to please any man, saying men are never satisfied no matter the efforts you may invest.

The young Kenyan celebrity, has just sparkled a hot debate following her post in Instagram. According to her and on what she termed to be a reminder, a man can have a lady that wins every other man’s dream, one who is admired by the entire Heaven and Earth but still opt to cheat with the unexpected ladies.

Further, the 20-years old Vishy says a man despite having a very abled and submissive wife at home, is highly capable of cheating even with their househelp.

“A man will have a very nice figured,classy and a wife at home and still chieft with a fat,unshaped (fupi round)who is a maid,” Vishy stated.

Nonetheless, she empowers fellows not to mitigate their inborn attitudes and behaviors all for a man, but to instead live selflessly.

“main message don’t let a man tell you what to do,who to be,and the kind of a body he want juu bado ata CHEEEEAT,” she added.

To a good fraction of her fans, the message got home and the red flags are risen top on the visible cliffs for them to watch out. However, some fans took into account Vishy’s past relationship with Stivo Simple Boy and slapped her back saying it’s her time to receive her whip for having cheated on Simple Boy back then.

“Nilijua tu utachezwa. Malipo ni hapa china ya jua ulimcheza Stivo ukaona wee ni mamayao,” a fan responded to Vishy’s post.


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