20 Years Of Fashion During Dakar Fashion Week

Senegal celebrated Dakar Fashion Week’s 20th anniversary in style on Saturday with a display on the historically significant island of Gorée, which was formerly connected to slavery.

Adama N’Diaye, a French designer with Senegalese ancestry and proprietor of the French label Adama Paris, was in charge of planning the event.

I’m overjoyed that my “baby” (Dakar Fashion Week) has matured and that today’s event features 20 excellent designers. Since my desire has come true and this baby has developed, I can only be joyful. (…) “African fashion inspires a lot of people. You may have noticed Chanel in Dakar, which is noteworthy, and other brands have traveled to other parts of Africa. Designer and Dakar Fashion Week organizer Adama Ndiaye praised African fashion as “creative, diverse, beautiful, and daring.”

Twenty designers from countries including Angola, Morocco, Mali, Mozambique, and South Africa, to name a few, displayed their creations at the event.

The particularity of being in Africa, Karim Tassi, a Moroccan designer, said, “is to bring together all the African designers, each with their own cultural identity, and to be able to put everyone on the same runway, that’s what’s great.”

The event encourages more young people to pursue careers in this industry while boosting the local fashion industry.

Young designer Khadim Ndiongue participated in the occasion.

“Of sure, it helps Senegal’s fashion industry. Because it already allows young fashion entrepreneurs the audacity to be much more open and involved in what they do “he declared.

With a “white night” event, Dakar Fashion Week comes to a finale on Sunday evening.


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