Agreement Framework To Be Signed By Sudan’s Military And Coalition For Democracy

A portion of the pro-democracy alliance and the Sudanese military declared on Friday that they had achieved a framework deal to settle the nation’s political turmoil.

The preliminary agreement on reinstating a civilian-led democratic transition will be signed on Monday in Khartoum, according to announcements made separately by the Sovereign Council and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC).

A hybrid military-civilian administration was overthrown by the military on October 25, 2021, stalling a delicate democratic transition that had started after Omar Al Bashir was overthrown in 2019. The FFC was the military’s coalition partner in the interim administration.

A surge of street protests calling for the end of military rule were started by the coup. Security forces reportedly murdered about 120 protestors and injured more than 6,000 others.

The announcement on Friday was the result of months of discussions held behind closed doors between army generals and FFC representatives.

The military ruler Gen Abdel Fattah Al Burhan, who orchestrated the coup last year, and his deputy on the military-led council Gen Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo met with the group’s representatives earlier on Friday, according to the Sovereign Council and the FFC.

Politicians from various parties, as well as delegates from the UN, US, EU, UK, and Saudi Arabia, were present at the conference, they claimed.

According to the two comments, the agreement was more akin to a rough roadmap that is amenable to debate with other political groups and will thereafter be refined and fleshed out.

The Sovereign Council indicated that a definitive agreement and constitutional arrangements could be reached in a matter of weeks, setting the stage for the establishment of a civilian administration that would oversee the transition up until free elections were held.

The generals Al Burhan and Dagalo have frequently vowed to leave politics, cede control to civilians, and stand down.


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