Annual Mastercard Taste Of Nairobi Culinary Affair Makes A Comeback

The annual Mastercard Taste of Nairobi culinary affair has returned to the city, offering an unforgettable dining experience from the 16th of November to the 16th of December 2022.

In partnership with EatOut, over 25 restaurants will participate, highlighting the incredible dining experiences available in the city.

Taste of Nairobi aims to showcase the very best of Nairobi’s dining scene and will feature the city’s finest restaurants that will exhibit tantalizing, one-of-a-kind tasting menus and offer a Priceless dining experience.

It will also be a month of joyous dining experience for Mastercard holders as the partnership will see Mastercard cardholders enjoy up to 20 percent discounts for all their spending at the participating restaurants during the Mastercard Taste of Nairobi 2022.

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“People in Nairobi enjoy dining out, restaurants have equally invested in the best ambiance, interior setting, and menus. This initiative reinforces the diversity and talent in the culinary space in Nairobi. Our continued partnership with Mastercard reaffirms that we share a common goal with Mastercard to provide great experiences to consumers while promoting the countless hidden jewels in Nairobi city,” said Mikul Shah, CEO, EatOut Kenya. is the premier online guide that helps people discover and experience the city, by aiding them to find events, exciting restaurants, and other lifestyle businesses’, added Shah.

Over the years, gastronomy has become a pivotal element to tourism worldwide with visitors and locals alike leaning towards experiences linked to food and related products. Through the help of the Kenya Tourism Board, Kenya has spotlighted gastronomy opportunities in the country.

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“Earlier this year, we launched a Gastronomy video experience in partnership with several restaurants in Nairobi. This was meant to highlight the potential we have as a destination in Gastronomy tourism.  We are glad to be a part of The Taste of Nairobi Culinary fair which will play a big role in showcasing our food culture and also highlight the potential we have in this space,” said John Chirchir, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Tourism Board (KTB).

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To further add to the excitement this year, EatOut Kenya is introducing the Mastercard Taste of Nairobi – Best Performing Restaurant Award, which will go to the restaurant with the highest number of visitors during the campaign duration coupled with positive reviews. Awards will also be given to the best waiters and top chefs who provide exemplary customer service.

“Dining is a great passion for Kenyans, consumers get to enjoy the diversity of meals from traditional Kenyan barbecue fare to international gourmet meals building a great experience across restaurants. Given the energy and vibrance of the city, through the Mastercard Taste of Nairobi, we anticipate both locals and tourists will experience Nairobi as the ideal destination to explore their dining passion. This year, consumers will get to enjoy an alluring experience across the various restaurants. Mastercard holders get up to 20% off their bills,” said Shehryar Ali, Country Manager for East Africa, Mastercard.

For more information on restaurant locations, menu options and prices visit Share your experience by Tweeting @MastercardMEA and @EatOutAfrica using #MastercardTasteOfNairobi #MTON2022 #Priceless. The time to celebrate Nairobi restaurants has returned, so get out in the city and enjoy a memorable lunch or dinner experience.

Below are the participating Restaurants & Establishments.

  • Beit e Selam
  • Cultiva
  • Bambino
  • Botanica
  • Meso
  • Copper
  • Inca
  • Hero
  • Jiko
  • Zen Garden
  • Fire Lake
  • Mawimbi Sea Food
  • Asmara Lavington
  • Asmara Karen
  • Asmara Westlands
  • Chophouse
  • Inti
  • Mercado
  • Slate
  • Haandi
  • Hakka y Haandi
  • Larder
  • Mode Cafe
  • Nabo Bistro
  • Seven Seafood & Grill
  • Sierra Bar and Grill Yaya Centre
  • Sierra Bar and Grill Westlands
  • Harvest

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