Vera Sidika Pays Her Nannies Over Ksh. 50,000

Socialite Vera Sidika has given deets on how much she pays her two nannies.

Through a question and answer session with fans, Vera revealed that she got them from a professional nanny boutique that often deals with high-end clients.

She further stated that the proprietor of the business ensures her nannies and house managers are well-groomed and fluent in various languages.

“There is a lady that moved back from the states and set up a professional nanny boutique. She gave me all my nannies and house managers.She does not like having her business overly publicized…since her rates for nannies are not cheap. Salaries range from minimum 50k going up. They are very well trained…fluent in English and other languages,” she wrote.

The business woman and rapper had earlier on said that she do not like social media people as nannies and that the nannies should be strictly over 40.

“I am extremely choosy when it comes to looking for a nanny. I don’t go for a person who is on social media at all.“I prefer 40 years old. They are the best, not this 20-year-old. When it comes to payment I pay her over 40k,” she wrote, before editing the post.


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