Maria Back On The Screens Through Citizen TV’s Sultana

Yasmin Said popularly known with her acting name Maria is finally making her comeback on TV.

Maria is set to feature in the current Citizen TV’s Sultana that succeeded the famous and widely loved Tv series Maria.

Her TV comeback was first hinted at by Lulu Hassan, who runs the production company behind Maria and Sultana alongside hubby Rashid Abdalla.

She shared a poster of Sultana while hinting that they would do a crossover with a character from another show they produced.

“Are you ready?” Lulu asked her followers while promising a big reveal.

Finally on Friday, November 11, Lulu announced that Yasmin would feature on Sultana as she shared a clip of Yasmin in character on the Sultana series and captioned;

“Welcome Maria to Sultana. Catch more of your favourite Maria artists soon on Sultana. The Crossover of its kind, a 1st in East Africa. The story gets hot.”

Many Kenyans said they would now faithfully tune into the show, as some lauded the plot twist.


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