TikToker Mummie Francie Calls Out Government For Banning Certain Beauty Products

Kenyan tiktoker Mummie Francie has today taken to her business TikTok account,franskin glow and complained about the issue of the Kenyan government banning skin-bleaching products

Last week, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) banned 131 skin-lightening products from the Kenyan market, saying that they contained substances only used with a prescription.

In a tik tok video that has since gone viral,Mummy Francie said that she is greatly affected because her business which involves selling of beauty products that majorly deal with bleaching, will now be in shatters.

“This concerns you because I am a seller. As you see me here, this is not my original skin colour. Government, this light skin colour is not mine at all! This light skin is from bleaching products and it has helped me take care of my family.Let me speak for myself, these bleaching products help me feed my family by 70%. I am able to take care of my family.”She said.

She also narrated how many businesses selling beauty products get 90% of their profits came from selling skin-lightening products.

Mummy went on demanding that the government give them jobs since it has cit them short of income by deciding to ban skin-lightening creams and oils.

She also asked Parliamentarians how they intended to raise taxes to pay their highly hiked salaries if they were banning merchants from selling certain products.She concluded by bitterly regretting her decision to vote.

“You have decided to get rid of our sources of income but you need our taxes, where will you get it from? The decisions are yours to make, who are we to fight you?We elected you into power but you turn around and harass us. I don’t even know why I voted. I regret casting my vote! I regret waking up early in the morning to go and vote!”She said.


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