Tanzanian Film ‘Tug of War’ Wins Top Prize At Carthage Film Festival

Tanzanian film dubbed ‘Tug of War’ and originally ‘Vuta N’kuvute’, has won the Tanit d’Or at Tunisia’s prestigious Carthage Film Festival(CFF).

The film is basically themed to portray love and politics during the final years of British Colonial Zanzibar.The Vuta N’Kuvute film was directed by Amil Shivji.

CFF is Africa’s oldest film festival usually held in Tunisia’s capital ,Tunis.The Festival presented a total of 170 films from around 40 countries and came to a wrap on Saturday night.

This was the 33rd edition of the festival which is always devoted to Arabs and African filmmakers.

Other films that bagged awards were ‘Under the fig trees’ directed by Tunisia’s Erige Sehiri and ‘Sharaf’ directed by German-Egyptian Samir Nasr.

The two won the Tanit d’Argent and Tanit de Bronze prizes respectively.


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