Singer Nameless Hilariously Hints On Vasectomy Plans

Kenyan Singer Nameless has jokingly revealed that he is opting for a vasectomy after welcoming his third child with his wife Wahu Kagwi.

After their third child turning out to be a girl,the couple has been on the receiving end on online pressures to get a baby boy since they now have three girls.

In a recent discussion on Wahu’s post on Facebook, she said people were still pressuring her to get boy a child yet she was already done having children.

The comments section was buzzing with replies and opinion but the most notable was Nameless’ comment whereby he was asking fans for recommendations on where to get a good vasectomy.

Wahu had revealed in an interview that the couple had always wished to have three children only.

She further explained that she would go through a permanent intervention to prevent her from getting other children.

“I used to hear people and other women say am done and I used to wonder, what is that feeling of being done, coz I never had it. All these years coz I also have friends who would say they would even remove my uterus coz I am done. I was like, gosh, what is that feeling coz I always wanted another child, I finally know that feeling of I am done,” she explained.

“I am done and I can go for all permanent interventions. I am done since I always wanted three babies and I am just so happy about being a mum of three. I am so over the moon. It has always been my dream and since I have achieved it, I am done.”

Taking to her social media,Wahu warned people against asking her to get a baby boy since she is okay with her three girls.

“Those who are praying that I get a boy next time kindly direct your prayer and good wishes to someone else.I’m very content with the 3 angels God has blessed me with. My heart is more than full.”

Nameless went on to put a provocative comment on Wahu’s post saying;

“Alaaar… Kwani Kuna wale bado wanatuombea boy…. Hawajui tulifunga hiyo chapter. Ebu nieende vasectomy kabla maombi zao zifikie Mungu…So there are people still wishing us a baby boy.Dont they know we are done having children.Let me hurry for a vasectomy before their prayers get to God.”


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