Corazon Kwamboka And Frankie Back Together Like Nothing Happened

A video of Frankie Kiarie, popularly known as Frankie JustGymIt and his baby mama Corazon Kwamboka has emerged after someone recorded the two while having a good time in Kisumu.

The video comes barely a month after Frankie hinted at possible reunion in a video showcasing a sweet conversation between him and Corazon after he gifted the kids with a teddy bear.

Corazon: Thank you for the teddy bear, the kids love it.

Frankie: No problem anything for the kids.

However,in the exposed Kisumu video the “ex-couple” seemed happy and were walking side by side around a Kisumu hotel while minding their own business.

The two have been attacking each other on social media and putting up posts to create a back and forth talk between them without drawing much attention.This has made Kenyans label their break-up as just clout chasing or rather showbiz as they sought to remain relevant.

Though they haven’t announced their getting back together, through the video,it seems evident that the two have been together all this while and were only playing Kenyans for fools as is common with most Kenyan celebrities in bid to feel cared about.

The couple’s breakup earlier in the year was dramatic and filthy as they chose to wash their dirty linen on social media with both throwing blames on each other trying to play victim but at the end Frankie took the blame.


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