“Dad, Why Did You Break The Family?”-Tiffah Asks Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz was in South Africa to pay a visit to his children and ex-girlfriend Zari Hassan.

His two children Tiffah and Nillan then called for a meeting to find out why their family is no longer as solid as other families.

“Watoto wa sikuizi wana mambo.Imagine eti jana usiku wametuita serious wamesema wana maongezi na sisi haya sikia hayo maongezi sasa…(Kids of nowadays are just something else.Imagine these kids came to us last night and said they want to talk to us,now see what they had to say)”Captioned Diamond on the video post.

Tiffah took charge of the family meeting and directly asked her father why he had broken up their family.

“So last night mama told me you broke up the family, huh?” the confident girl said to her father.Nillan seemed to back Tiffah’s statement.Diamond then asked Tiffah what she thought.

Zari immediately denied the allegations trying to defend herself as Diamond kept calm and all smiley.

“That was not what I was saying. You asked me a question and I answered,” Zari said.

Tiffah interrupted her mother and looked at her father making additional comments.

“She said you were having a baby with another girl,” Tiffah added.

At this point the two children seemed to side with Diamond because when Zari asked them whether they believed their father have other kids with other women ,they said no in unison.

“I told you papa had another girl and had another baby,” Zari said after denying earlier on.

The kids dismissed Zari’s claims with Tiffah saying that it was just a video song.Tiffah and Nillan then turned against Zari saying that she is the one breaking the family because she has another person.

“She (Zari) is now with another person.” Tiffah said.“Mama T is the one who broke up the family,” Nillan concluded, and his sister agreed.

Diamond finally assured the kids that their family is still strong as him and his kids told Zari that they loved her.

“That was a music video, our family is still strong. It never broke up,” Diamond said.


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