“I Have Told My Sons To Look For That Girl To Come We Have Dinner”- Rigathi Gachagua’s Comments About The Creator Of Riggy G

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has promised to reward Ivy Chelimo,the original creator of his viral nick name Riggy G.

Speaking in an interview on Citizen television,Gachagua took up the name saying that the lady saw it nice to name him Riggy G because he is indeed a good man.

“The lady thought that the name is a little bit difficult ,it is not melodious and saw it better that this guy is nice and we need to give him a name that sounds more nice and melodious”.Gachagua said.

The Deputy President went on to say that his team is looking for the lady and that he will reward her for the sweet sounding nick name.

“The young lady who decided that Rigathi Gachagua ,the name is a bit not nice and said we should name him Riggy G.I took up the name to encourage our young people.I have told my sons to look for that girl to come we have dinner.”He said.


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