“Our Young Men Are Struggling To Sire Children”- Samia Suluhu

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu has said that young men in the country are having problems in matters siring children.

In a post shared by East Africa Radio, the country’s Head of State asked scientists to research the causes of it as she insinuated that poor diet could be the root cause.

“Why is it that when our children get to the age of creating and building families it becomes difficult for them?There is a big problem and I know you are all aware of it. Scientists, please carry out research and because it is not said out loud as it is a secret, our young men are suffering and the main problem is in the diet,” Samia said.

This follows a recent comment by the President concerning health issues among men when she ordered police officers with big bellies to return to training to lose weight.

“As I was inspecting the parade today, I noticed those leading the march were veteran officers and among them were big-bellied officers. I have seen big bellies. We are not supposed to have officers with big bellies. They should go back for training so that they shed them off and be swift again in executing their duties,” she said.

She again told secretaries in various offices not to protect their male bosses who have girlfriends in the offices.

“Integrity encompasses keeping secrets of places you are in, secrets of your boss at your job place not snitching at your boss to his wife after you see him with his mistress.”


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