Uganda: Ebola Kills First Health Worker In Latest Outbreak

The first healthcare worker to pass away from the disease in the most recent outbreak in Uganda was a Tanzanian doctor who was working there and who contracted it, according to the country’s health minister on Saturday.

The health minister, Jane Ruth Aceng, tweeted, “I regret to publicize that we have lost our first physician, Dr. Mohammed Ali, a Tanzanian national, 37 years old Male.”

She claimed that on September 26, Ali tested positive for the Ebola virus and passed away while being treated at a hospital in Fort Portal, a town located about 300 kilometers to the west of Kampala, the country’s capital.

On September 20, authorities in the east African nation confirmed the outbreak of the fatal hemorrhagic fever, raising concerns about a serious health crisis in the 45 million-person nation.

For the Sudan strain of the illness that is causing the most recent infections in Uganda, there is no vaccine.

Prior to Ali’s passing away on Friday, the health ministry reported that the illness had so far claimed the lives of 35 people.

Six healthcare professionals, including doctors, an anesthesiologist, and a medical student have the illness, including Ali.

The main way that Ebola spreads is through contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids. Intense weakness, muscle pain, headaches, a sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, and rashes are just a few of the symptoms of the viral illness.


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