Mass Firing Looms As The Standard Media Group Issue Redundancy Notice To Staff

The standard media group Chief Executive Officer has released a redundancy notice to all staff members across all departments of the company.

In the press statement issued yesterday, the officer attributed the decision to three main reasons.Firstly is that COVID 19 had a negative effect on the company’s revenues in 2020 and 2021.Secondly the company have plans to restructure it’s business in bid to adopt a more efficient and leaner structure and lastly that the company wants to keep up with the technological advancement in the digital space.

The company has said it will ensure the criteria used for selection of staff members deemed redundant will be fair enough and in compliance with the provisions of the Employment Act,2007 and the Collective Bargain Agreement for union employees.

A one month notice was given in relation to the company’s intentions to declare redundancy . The affected members of stuff will be fully informed in writing.


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