First Lady Rachel Ruto Announces State House Prayer Services To Take Place Every Month

First Lady Rachel Ruto says she will be holding monthly interdenominational church services at State House in Nairobi.

Speaking during the thanksgiving prayer ceremony they had hosted yesterday on Sunday, Rachel appreciated the President for welcoming members of the clergy and other believers to the State House to intercede for the country.

Mrs Ruto vowed to obey the Bible by holding similar ceremonies every month to thank God for the mighty work he has done upon their lives.

“The Bible says ‘People will go up to Jerusalem, year after year, to celebrate the feast of the tabernacles’, and I think that this is a place where people will come year after year for a thanksgiving. I want to tell the church that this is not the last service we are having, you will be coming here month after month to give thanks to the Lord for doing us good,” she said. 

President Ruto urged everyone to do according to God’s will by praying continually, rejoicing always and giving thanks in all circumstances.


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