President William Ruto Orders Security Agencies To Act On Turkana Bandits

Following the attack in Turkana that left 11 people dead, eight police officers, 2 civilians and chief, President William Ruto has called upon security officers to pursue the bandits.

“After receiving a comprehensive report on the Turkana/Pokot incident that led to 10security/administration officers loosing their lives, I have instructed security agencies to deal firmly, decisively and conclusively with those who were involved. Cattle rustling will stop.” Ruto wrote.

The Head of State was concerned with incidents of assaults and hostilities that have been transpiring within the two communities; Pokot and Turkana, pledging to end cattle raids with immediate effect. “Cattle rustling will stop na sio tafadhali.” He concluded his post.

Police spokesperson Bruno Shioso explained that the deadly attack took place on Sartuday when the police officers (victims) were ambushed as they went after the heavily armed Pokot rustlers who managed to escape with some of the livestock .

“The National Police Service regrets to inform on the criminal and cowardly ambush by cattle rustling bandits on innocent members of the public and police officers. The officers were in hot pursuit of Pokot bandits who had raided a village in Turkana East and made away with livestock,” Bruno said.


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