Government Announces New Reduced Prices For Fertilizers

In line with the new government manifesto, the National Treasury has released Sh3.6 billion to subsidize production with the Morrocan fertilizers already in the country.

Ministry of Agriculture Principal Secretary Dr. Francis Owino explained that the fertilizer is now available in depots and sub-depots belonging to the National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB). However, an individual farmer can only purchase up to 100 bags.

“To ensure efficient delivery and effective control mechanisms are in place, the fertilisers will be availed through the National Cereals and Produce Board [NCPB] depots and sub-depots country-wide, effective September 19, 2022. Owino said.

The subsidized fertilizer will sale 50kg bag of DAP fertiliser at Sh3,500, CAN at Sh2,875, urea at Sh3,500, NPK at Sh3,275, MOP at Sh1,775 and Sulphate of Ammonia at Sh2,220 from the former high priced planting fertilizer which costed; DAP at Sh6,500 while CAN-used for top dressing was between Sh6,000 and Sh7,000 depending on the outlets while urea was over Sh7,000 per 50 kg bag.

Ruto’s administration rescinding recognition with Sahrawi republic (SADR) who initially was contracted to supply production materials, was a move to endorse Morocco which proves to co-operate in key sectors in an effort to address pressing issues facing the East African Countries including food insecurity. 


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