President Ruto Rules Out Food Subsidy

Speaking to Kenya Kwanza group which had retreated to Naivasha to strategize on house leadership positions in the National Assembly and the Senate, President William Ruto yesterday said his government will not subsidies basic commodities and consumable substances such as food.

According to the head of state, having witnessed the latest Unga subsidy made by the former government under Mr. Kenyatta where a taxpayer was asked to pay 7billion to cushion the Ksh100 maize flour yet only a few people benefitted with the plan instead, he will shift focus to supporting production eg on fertilizers which will lead to stabilization in prices.

President Ruto maintained his statement which he announced during the day of his inauguration that the government had produced 1.4 million bags of fertilizers which would sell at ksh3500 from around ksh6,500-ksh7000. He also added that food security was a major issue in the country and that his government will seek to battle.

As the Kenya Kwanza government sit on a two day parliamentary group meeting today on Sartuday, the president said that more plans for agriculture, housing for masses and affordable healthcare would be revealed in detail.

“We’re not going to be subsidizing consumption, we are going to work and support producers. We would rather use 7billion in fertilizers instead of unga subsidy.” Ruto said

“Matters to do with wastage of public resources, cattle rustling, conflict amongst communities should be dealt with firmly and decisively.” He added.


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