First PM Appointed In Senegal Since 2019 By President Macky Sall

Two months after a contentious legislative election in which Sall’s ruling coalition lost its comfortable majority, Senegalese President Macky Sall reestablished the position of prime minister and appointed a former minister of the economy to the position.

Amadou Ba, a 61-year-old tax expert who has also held the position of foreign minister, has been appointed as the nation’s prime minister, the presidency announced on Saturday.

The role of prime minister was abolished in the West African nation in April 2019, but Ba’s appointment restores it.

Sall stated that the incoming prime minister would be in charge of addressing the growing cost of living in a speech to the country that was aired on Friday.

Sall declared that his top goals would continue to be measures to lower living expenses, encourage young people to start their own businesses and find jobs, as well as the fight against flooding and excessive rents.

After the president’s secretary-general delivered the decree, Ba repeated these ideas in his opening remarks.

Following a meeting with Sall on Saturday, Ba remarked on national television, “The primary concerns that the president has outlined include strengthening household purchasing power, managing inflation, security, housing, vocational training, employment, and entrepreneurship.”

Later on Saturday, the entire government is anticipated to be appointed.

Senegal’s security forces were summoned earlier this week to safeguard a voting procedure in parliament and repress opposition lawmakers who attempted to obstruct the selection of a new president of the national assembly. First meeting of the assembly since the election in July.


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