Uganda Music Festival Continues, But Sex Acts Are Prohibited

The Nyege Nyege music festival has started as revelers start to converge at Itanda Falls on the banks of the Nile in Jinja, Uganda’s eastern region.

The Ugandan parliament had ordered that it be canceled due to perceived immorality.

Due to their stance, the MPs were put against government representatives who claimed that the event would generate much-needed funds in the wake of the Covid-19 lockout. They added that the festival raises the nation’s status as a major tourist destination.

However, a number of rules have been provided to festival organizers.

Among these are the exclusion of minors, the ban on sex orgies, the ban on nudity, and the ban on foul language, songs, expressions, and gestures.

Both the police and the army are on duty to provide security at the location.

The festival, which primarily features electronic music from the continent, is being held in the nation for the sixth time, and it never fails to stir up debate.

There will likely be more than 8,000 tourists there.


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