Ghana’s Marburg Outbreak Declared Over.

Ghana has proclaimed that the recent Marburg virus outbreak has ended after 42 days with no positive tests.

After two deaths, authorities initially notified the general public to the outbreak of the extremely infectious disease, which is linked to Ebola, in July. One of them was later found to have been misdiagnosed.

In total, three persons became infected with the virus, with two of them dying: a father and his 14-month-old child. The third individual, the mother, recovered and tested positive in August.

Nearly 200 of the three affected individuals’ contacts had been tracked, but none had shown any symptoms.

Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, director general of the Ghana Health Service, assured reporters in Accra on Friday that Ghana is safe.

He continued by expressing gratitude to the World Health Organization and other collaborators for aiding the nation in containing the outbreak.

According to the AFP news agency, WHO Africa Director Dr. Matshidiso Moeti stated that “Ghana’s response has been swift and robust despite having no prior experience with the disease.”

Marburg was discovered in West Africa for the second time during this time.

Guinea had one confirmed case last year, but the outbreak was deemed to be finished five weeks after the patient was found in September.


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