Ruto Praises The Supreme Court Judges, “Their Proffesionalism Has Elevated The Stature Of the Judiciary”

Upon declaration of verdict by Supreme Court, Ruto held a press briefing at his home in Karen.

In his speech, he lauded the Supreme Court for upholding fair judgement, legitimating the petitions and making sure that the will of the people has prevailed.

This afternoon with unanimously decision of the Supreme Court our lengthy, suspensible and protracted election has come to an end. My fellow presidential candidates and I made cases before Kenyans and submitted ourselves to their sovereign decision. The Court returned its verdict and i welcome it with tremendous humility. I salute the judges of the Supreme Court who have performed their duties with outmost fidelity to the constitution. Their professionalism has elevated the stature of the judiciary and enhanced the place of petition process. “ He said.

Ruto also appreciated the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for standing strong to protect the vote of the Kenyans.

The President-elect has vowed to commit to his promises and serve dilligently the people of Kenya saying that those who voted not only chose him but also opened doors and gates for their own children in every village and neighborhood who aspire to one day become leaders.


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