Fred Matiangi Shuts Down Allegations Of Conspiring With Chiefs To Influence General Elections

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matian’gi has cleared the air on allegations that the ministry has been
conspiring with the chiefs to influence the General Elections slated to happen on eighth month.
Matian’gi via the Media in Nakuru on Tuesday said that, had he not been in office he would have used
strong words on those who propagated the allegations.
“If I wasn’t in office, I would use very strong language but I have to be responsible, claims of chiefs being
used are ridiculous as they sound. Matiangi said
He went on and told the propagators that meeting the chiefs was a typical thing for his position. He gave
examples of CS Education meeting teachers and CS Health meeting doctors. He shut down the
allegations by saying that chiefs were his colleagues.
“My colleagues in the security sector are chiefs, in fact hardly a day passes without me receiving calls
from a chief or talking to a chief or a DC or a county commissioner, “He offered.


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