Director Trevor Kicks Out Eve Mungai From His Company

Bonventure Monyancha, the popular Kenyan video director best known as Dorector Trevor has confirmed that he no longer needs the services of his fiance Eve Mungai in his company. A scenario that has birthed rebranding of his company Mungai Eve Media to a new face.

Via a post on his Instagram stories, Director Trevor publicly confirmed to their fans that his entertainment company will now officially be called the ‘Kenya Online Media (KOM).’

Photo: Director Trevor’s IG Post Confirming He Has Rebranded the Company

As if the action to rebrand the company was not enough, Director Trevor; the founder and Chief Financial Officer of the company, also made it crystal clear that the new brand of the company will be changed not only for the company’s Instagram account but also for the YouTube channel and Facebook account.

Earlier, in a post he made before the announcement of rebranding his company, Director Trevor cleared the air hinting that he owns the company rightfully and himself; and that Mungai Eve was not the real owner of the company but just a face.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” the post initial post read.

Photo: Director Trevor’s IG Post

All these happen, amidst virally spreading rumors that two lovebirds had cut off of love between them. As far as this speculations are concerned, the two have also made their actions speak louder than words to convince the public that they are no longer an item.

A few notable signs have been spotted by their keen fans who have even realized that they never follow each other in Instagram accounts like before, neither did they celebrate their anniversary on the 26th of January as has been the norm. Same display of snubbing each other, was depicted on the Valentine’s day.

This decision by Director Trevor, will see Eve Mungai stop receiving about ksh 1million she used to earn from the company every month. A Loss to Trevor or Eve?


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