KRG The Don Unveils His Newfound Lover’s Identity

Famed Kenyan dancehall performer KRG The Don has at last disclosed his enigmatic new partner. The three-time parent declared a few days ago that he would disclose the identity of his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Fans, however, had to wait in vain as the musician revealed the identity of his girl nearly a week later.

On his Instagram page, Bughaa presented his partner in an exquisite couple’s photo. KRG confirmed that the woman was his partner in the caption.

Credits: KRG’s Instagram.

The dancehall performer made waves on social media a few days ago when he gave his yellow-yellow babe a 4 million Kenyan shilling Volvo XC60. In addition, he assured her that within three months she would own an exclusive Mercedes-Benz.The singles yearned for such romantic scenes, and the act left his followers in awe.

It was previously rumored that KRG, who is well-known for his hit songs and prosperous endeavors in a variety of industries, had reconciled with his former spouse. He addressed the rumors and refuted the accusations, demonstrating that he is a present-day man who is not able to live in the past.


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