Nyota Ndogo Fears Her Newborn’s Dark Complexion Could Spark Cheating Claims

Renowned singer, well-known as Nyota Ndogo has expressed fear of being seen as a cheat in her relationship with her mzungu fiancee, after giving birth to a baby with a dark-skinned complexion.

Taking her feelings on the matter via her Instagram story, the coast-based Kenyan singer shared a partial photo of her newborn baby, showing love and expressing pride in being a mother despite hinting that the newborn’s skin tone is more likely to give an environment of interrogations

Photo: Nyota Ndogo’s Instagram Post

“Karibu nyumbani mwanangu.ila hii rangi sinitaambiwa nimechiti.yani umeamua nywele ndio uchukue ya baba rangi ndio hii yetu.karibu abdalla.(URITHI TUNAO).” She wrote, a few days ago.

The new mother in town is married to a 61-year-old Mzungu husband well known as Henning Neilsen who is a Danish citizen. Will he complain about their baby’s complexion?

As is the normalcy of Kenyans, there is already a section of netizens who have begun working tirelessly to dump poking fun at her predicament. These are a few highlighted sentiments of their fan base who had started raining comments on the young singer’s level of faithfulness:

“Kuna kitu kinaitwa kuzidiana it’s so genetics… so Kama una group la damu kubwa kuliko mumeo ni lazima utamzidi Rangi Ndo maana Rangi ya prince Abdalla imefifia 🤣🤣 but why a local name nyota 😰Find a good name for him,” balozi_outfit commented.

“Hata nywele zitabadilika mwafrika wetu huyo 😍,” you_tell_mi wrote.

“MaashaAllah . Hongera sana mtoto hatabiriki Anaweza kubadilika,” faithsallymsonga wrote.

“Mpake dye nywele ziwe black,” charles_oo1 wrote.


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