Mulamwah Declares His Heir’s Arrival

Absolutely, God created love, which is a beautiful thing. A child, on the other hand, is a divine gift. After a lengthy wait, comedian and media personality Mulamwah and his best friend Ruth K are celebrating the birth of their son.

The comedian rejoiced over the safe delivery of his heir and informed his fans of the wonderful news via his social media platforms. Mulamwah, who was ecstatic, disclosed that they had named their son Oyando Jr., also known as Kalamwah.

“welcome king oyando JNR ♥️
GOD IS GREAT , finally our boy is here ,the heir is here , the KING is here – OYANDO JNR aka kalamwah . welcome to the world my son, its the best feeling in the world to finally see and hold you,” the Facebook post partly read.

The media star expressed his desire to be present in his child’s life as they create memories, beaming with pride as a parent. Mulamwah showered his wife with compliments and expressed gratitude for giving him the world’s cutest and best gift.

“Cant wait for us to grow & make memories together . asante sana Ruth K for this amazing cute & amazing gift , thanks for standing by my side always , i feel whole again , i feel restored . i am happy , famillies are now happy the whole world is happy,” he added.

In closing, the content creator wished a long and healthy life to his newborn son. Additionally, he bestowed blessings upon Kalamwah.

“Wishing you a long and healthy life my boy & all the best the world has to offer . baraka tele .
welcome KALAMWAH !! long live oyando ♥️,” Mulamwah wrote.

Credits: Mulamwah’s Facebook.

Kalamwah arrives during a period in which his father is embroiled in an online dispute regarding his paternity duties with his baby mama, Carol Sonnie. Since they split up, the two have been coming into contact frequently. Mulamwah recently filed a lawsuit against Sonnie on grounds of child abuse and defamation.


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