Magix Enga Makes A Music Comeback

Music producer and artist Magix Enga has finally made a music comeback after securing the producer slot at Big Afrique Studios.

The producer who have been in the limelight after he cried out for help, is now celebrating his comeback which was primarily made possible by different entities. From the shadows back to the world’s best producer, Enga promised his fans that he is ready to deliver more hits than ever.

The producer moved to Eldoret in pursue of the new found job to which he is really proud. He acknowledged the studio for giving him a chance to work with them as he vowed to do his best and write a new story.

“Back from the shadows, stronger than ever. Mungu Wangu Hujainiangusha 🙏

Thank you to everyone who never lost faith in me, Willy M Tuva, Asila Bunny, Nebert Nebo, Big Afrique Studios, Kerry Lens, DJ Sule, and especially my incredible wife who stood by my side through it all. Massive big up to my friends and fans pia… mmekua mkiuliza Enga alienda wapi… Enga is back ‼️ Time to create some epic timeless music

As I step back into the limelight, I carry with me the support of an incredible team and the unwavering belief of my new Home Town :Eldoret. Together, we’ll write a story of resilience, redemption, and gratitude,” the Facebook post read.

Credits: Magix Enga’s Facebook.

In 2023, Enga cried out to Kenyans for support following his financial constraints. He indicated that he was struggling to raise his newborn baby as well as cater for family needs. This is after his music studio was shut down following rent arrears.

At the beginning of the year, Willy M Tuva and artist Asila Bunny paid a visit to the young artist as a sign of goodwill and consolation for his misfortune. They promised to aid him in his music comeback despite some cybercitizens doubting his situation.


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